· Aug 3

UCR + HSPI Patient Demographic Prioritization

I'm trying to track down documentation on how HealthShare + HSPI prioritizes patient demographics that are returned in various scenarios. I've done some experimenting but was looking for some confirmation.

1. HSPI  - It's my understanding that trusted tiers and aging factors only impact the HSPI management UI experience. That they are not incorporated into patient search response. Can someone confirm this?

2. Patient Search Response (Clinical Viewer, PDQ, XCPD, FHIR) - Only Registry demographics are used. Nothing from HSPI or Patient SDA.

3. Patient Search Response Sort - It appears that it first sorts by facility tier (<99,999, then null values, then >99,999) then by HS.Registry.Patient last updated. So if I were writing a sql statement the order by would look like "order by isnull(tier,99999), lastupdated"

4. On Demand CCD - This uses a combination of registry and patient sda data. The first demographic result is based on the first result in #3 above, followed by demographics from each of the edge patient sda returned. It shows all unique addresses (streetline, city, state, zip, country, county). It shows the most recent home phone, cell phone and email.

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