Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 5, 2017

Two new videos: Working with Containers

Hi, Community! 

This week we have two videos. Check all new  session recordings from Global Summit 2017:

 1. Containers for InterSystems Technologies


You can learn how to reduce risk in your production environment by using containers. This video shows how containers can provide a consistent environment for development, testing, and production. 

2. Go Beyond Configuration Management


This recording shows how to automate the building of a container. The approach is to discuss how to use the Docker build command to derive a container from the Dockerfile manifest and to give an example of the process by deriving a container from InterSystems container images.

See additional resources to these videos:

And what's new on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel? We have created a new dedicated Docker and Containers playlist

Enjoy and stay tuned!wink

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Dmitry, thank you for your great input for the community. And looking forward seeing articles describing your docker experience with InterSystems technology and how you benefit from it.