· Nov 10, 2016 1m read

Tip to look Atelier more mac stylish *only for Mac users*

I tried to make atelier look more like XCODE with this simple trick or tip: change the default font to SF Mono and size 14.

To do it I did:

1) Install SF Mono font in the system which is the default font for XCODE and needs to be installed in order to use it.

You can find it in: /Applications/Utilities/

Double Click SFMono-Regular.otf file and install it. You will get a warning of "serious problems" but it will work all right.


2) Then, in Atelier, go to Preferences / General / Appearance / Color and Fonts The choose Text Font (In Basics category) and Edit... Search for Mono and change it to SF Mono size 14.

Regarding colors I preferred to keep the Atelier default ones which they seem fine to me, but of course you can change them to simulate XCODE completely. 

See how it looks: 




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