Lori Fassman · Jun 4, 2021

Is there something like InstallBusDemo for HealthShare 2021.1?

(2021.1.0 isn't an option in the Product dropdown, but that's the version of HS I'm asking about!)

In the past I've used HS.Util.Installer.InstallBusDemo() to set up a local HealthShare environment (registry, edges, access gateway, etc.)  I don't see an equivalent in HealthShare 2021.1.  I tried importing the bits and pieces from a lower version but always seem to be missing something.  Is there an equivalent utility to do a local setup in HS 2021.1?



Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
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I see




What kit are you using?

Of course, you should not be copying parts of the product into another instance.

Thanks, David.  I did a clean install of 2021.1 and now I see it.  (This is a local install, for demos only - I wouldn't try loading anything from a different version into HealthShare at a customer site.)