· Jun 25, 2020

Testing Interoperability Productions in Iris


I am using a class based on %UnitTest.TestProduction to test Health Connect production.

I read in Class Reference IRIS for UNIX 2020.1:

Note: This class is not intended to be used in InterSystems IRIS instances.

Why should this not be used in IRIS? I have not seen any difference using this with HealthConnect 2017 or IRIS 2020.1

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Hi Oliver,

I suspect the note is there because InterSystems IRIS Interoperability does not have healthcare related functionality like InterSystems IRIS for Health and HealthShare Health Connect does and %UnitTest.TestProduction has implied support for healthcare use cases like receiving and sending HL7 messages. For example it has properties HL7InputDir, HL7OutputDir etc.

However, I agree with you, I cannot find anything in %UnitTest.TestProduction that specifically precludes it from being used in InterSystems IRIS instances.