· Sep 9, 2021

Technical query - Trakcare Lab LIMS



I am a clinician and we use Trakcare Lab LIMS at our institution.


We understand histopathology reports are directly typed, stored and uploaded directly to the LIMS.


For clinical audit purpose we need to download these reports directly in text format in bulk. Can anyone offer some technical assistance in retrieval of these histopathology reports? Is there any script that can be run to access, retrieve and download these reports?

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@Stephen Ali - thanks for asking the question (and welcome to the Developer Community!).

Typically detailed questions like this on TrakCare products are worked out directly with InterSystems Support.  Globally we have TrakCare product tuned to regional requirements so it's important to connect with you product specialists from your specific region.  

I suggest you go to to see how to contact Support and they can help you get this question sorted out.