I am receiving this alert every couple of minutes.  I am trying to figure out what is causing this and if it is just the settings on my TCP operation or if this indicates an actual issue.  Is it an issue with my framing (MLLP) or reply code actions (not set)?  Something else?


ERROR <Ens>ErrTCPTerminatedReadTimeoutExpired: TCP Read timeout (30) expired waiting for terminator SegTerminatorAscii=13, on |TCP|7049|12692, data received =''
(alert request ID=2071)


Here are the settings on my operation:

Class NameEnsLib.HL7.Operation.TCPOperation
Stay Connected5
Connect Timeout5
Reconnect Retry5
Get ReplyTrue
Response Timeout30
Read Timeout5
Pool Size1
Save RepliesAll
Default Char Encodinglatin1
Retry Interval5
Failure Timeout-1
Throttle Delay0
Alert Retry Grace Period30
Queue Count Alert30
Queue Wait Alert


Alert On ErrorTrue
Inactivity Timeout0

Anyone else ever have this?  If so, any suggestions on how to address/handle it?


This typically means that the remote system has failed to send an HL7 ACK back within 30 seconds. If it is common for that system to take awhile to respond, you can increase "Response Timeout" from 30 sec to a higher value.

Thank you Alex.  This is helpful and makes sense. 

One of the obvious things I didn't catch while looking at this error is that we were actually queuing messages to them.  I realized that after the fact, but still didn't know if it was due to framing or simply not receiving data back.  Appreciate the insight!