· May 2, 2022



Doc: classMethode DecimalToHex(decimal As %String) as %String
Converts a decimal string to a hexadecimal string.

w !,$System.Util.DecimalToHex(42) > 2A

w !,$zhex(42) > 2A


w !,$System.Util.DecimalToHex(0) is empty

w !,$System.Util.DecimalToHex("0") is empty

w !,$System.Util.DecimalToHex("00") is empty

w !,$zhex(0) > 0

Is the empty string really the intended output?

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$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.5 (Build 659) Mon Mar 22 2021 07:15:21 EDT
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