· Oct 28, 2021

Summit Sessions - Git/GitLab and Package Manager Advanced Topics

I'd like to bring your attention to my two Virtual Summit sessions, even though they're not HALF as cool as Embedded Python.

Git & GitLab for Shared Development Environments details the newly-released git-source-control package (see also on the Open Exchange) which provides a new best-of-breed solution for server-side IRIS/Git integration, especially for shared remote development environments. (I need to write up a post about this package specifically and plan to do so soon.)

InterSystems Package Manager Advanced Topics shows that our package manager (affectionately referred to as "ZPM") is more than just a tool for grabbing useful packages from the community - it can in fact drive the build, packaging, and distribution of full solutions.

I'm happy to answer any questions here or via message/email!

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This is pretty exciting work that InterSystems AppServices is thrilled to be involved with.  I hope that over time the Git/GitLab work can provide a great solution for customers looking for an easy way to add source control and environment-based change promotion to some of their existing processes.  We look forward to feedback from the Community.  Thank you for your work on this @Timothy Leavitt and team :)