Raghuram Devarakonda · May 18, 2017

Starting an instance using different mount points and port numbers


I am trying to support a use case where a test instance is created from a production backup.  At a high level, the process works by mounting all relevant file systems and then bringing the instance up. This works well as long as the file systems are mounted using same mount points as the source instance. However, I would like to support a case where file systems are mounted using different paths. 

For example, if the source instance uses the mount points "/cache" and "/cachejournal", assume that the restore process mounted the same file systems at "/cache_123" and "cachejournal_123". I am wondering what needs to be done to make the instance recognize the new paths. 

I have tested by changing the paths in cache.cpf file (all data and journal directory paths). All except "cachelib" seem to work fine. When cachelib's path is changed in cache.cpf, instance fails to come up with an error similar to:


So I am assuming it is not enough to change in cache.cpf file alone for cachelib. Can some one please tell me how I can get this to work? Is there a way I can update the path for cachelib so that the instance comes up? It would be ideal if such update can be done without bringing the instance up but if that is not possible, I would still like to know how it can be done in any other way.

On a slightly separate note, I changed the port numbers (Super Server port and Web Server port) in cache.cpf and it appears the instance is using the new port numbers. Are there any other ports that Cache uses that I need to worry about?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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What you're describing is moving the location of an instance after installation.  It's not supported.  I've seen people do some pretty bad things to their systems by trying it, and would strongly recommend against it.  

You will need to either run the installer in the new path, or keep the paths the same.