· Apr 15, 2016

SQL Parsing error

Found in:

  • atelier-1.0.0AT.142.0
  • Cache for UNIX (Apple Mac OS X for x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 636U) Wed Apr 13 2016 21:07:40 EDT

Breaks on FOR SOME when using a table reference:

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Here you go - this will compile in USER namespace

Class User.SQLForSome Extends %Persistent {

Property Name As %String;

Property Domains As list Of %String;

Index Domains On Domains(ELEMENTS) [ Type = bitmap ];

Query TestQuery(Favorites As %List) As %SQLQuery(ROWSPEC = "Name:%String") {
    SELECT Name
    FROM   SQLForSome
    WHERE  FOR SOME %ELEMENT(Domains)(%VALUE %INLIST :Favorites)

// Broken when table alias used. Still will save/compile though
Query TestQueryBroken(Favorites As %List) As %SQLQuery(ROWSPEC = "Name:%String") {
    SELECT foo.Name
    FROM   SQLForSome foo
    WHERE  FOR SOME %ELEMENT(foo.Domains)(%VALUE %INLIST :Favorites)

Storage Default
<Data name="SQLForSomeDefaultData">
<Value name="1">
<Value name="2">
<Value name="3">