· Nov 14, 2016

Soap Response performance

I have a soap webservice extended from  %SOAP.WebService class

Lets say i have web method and have return type of following classes (either one of them)

Class ReturnTypeA


  Property SelectedDoses As %XML.DataSet;


Class ReturnTypeB


  Property SelectedDoses As list Of WebServices.DataTypes.Dose;


Which return type class has better performance while in terms of xmL serialization ? A or B

my client application is in C#

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Hi Bapu,

without having tested the actual performance difference of these different approaches yet. Usually in a webservice context, the serialisation itself is taking less time than the logic around it.  The requests have to go through the webserver/csp gateway and you have your connections latency and bandwidth to consider as well. 

That being said, why are you trying to use %XML.DataSet? Is your SelectDoses a %ResultSet? See