· Oct 11, 2022

Sign up to beta test long-term learning

Is your team onboarding new members, but not sure where to begin their training—and where to go next?

Are you trying to upskill, but need a path to get you to the next level—and beyond?

InterSystems Learning Services is developing a new kind of learning resource called a program: Everything you need to know to get started using InterSystems products in your role, now on one trackable page on the learning site. Programs are being developed for coders, integrators, and solution consultants:

  • Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS for Health for Coders: Learn about InterSystems IRIS for Health™, its tools, and the basics of developing an application with ObjectScript and either Java, .NET, Python, or Node.js.
  • Getting Started with InterSystems IRIS for Health for Integrators: Learn about InterSystems IRIS for Health, how to share data between healthcare systems, and how to transform the data among formats.
  • Getting Started with Unified Care Record for Integrators: Learn how to begin onboarding a new data source and building integrations with HealthShare Unified Care Record®.
  • Getting Started with HealthShare® for Solution Consultants: Learn the basics of healthcare integration, developing and customizing with InterSystems ObjectScript, analyzing data, how to use many of the HealthShare® products, and more.

The sections and individual resources are modular, so you can use what you need now and come back when your role requires the next level of knowledge. Track your progress through the program so you know what you know—and what you have left to learn. 

Email InterSystems Online Learning to request to be a beta tester:

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