· Nov 28, 2023

Service Account periodic update remediation

I have a case where the Active Directory Service Account passwords will be changed periodically every 3 months and the changes are shared via the LastPass application which requires logging into the app to retrieve the new password and manually entering it into the Interoperability Credentials configuratrion, or the Service Registry.

> Is there a way to retrieve the password automatically?

In this case the organization plans to use gMSA (Group Managed Service Account) and BeyondTrust for setting up new password in the future.

How have people delt with this?

Product version: HealthShare 2020.2
$ZV: HealthShare Unified Care Record 2023.1.0 Build: 1006 [HealthShare Modules: Core:25.0 + Patient Index:25.0] - IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2022.1.2 (Build 574_0_22407U) Wed Apr 5 2023 11:19:54 EDT [Core:25.0|Patient Index:25.0]
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