Server side source control hooks and Atelier - UserAction=3 is not working

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I am trying to use current implementation of source Control for Cache Studio in Atelier, but UserAction = 3 "Run an EXE on the client" is not working. Basically Atelier is launching a "page" using the target as url.

Am I missing any settings in order to command Atelier to run a exe command instead?

Cache Version: Cache 2017.2.0.744.0

Platform: Windows 10


We specifically chose not to support this capability in Atelier, other than for the special case of launching web pages. As an implementation of Studio Source Control, running an executable on the client only makes sense in cases where the "server" and the "client" are always the same, and for that model the source control plugins publicly and freely available in the Eclipse ecosystem are far superior in terms of support and usability.

I would be interested to hear more details of your use case. What version control system are you using? Git?

(Note to other readers: "UserAction = 3" and other details of the Studio Extension framework are documented here.)

I am using IBM Clear Case and from Studio we use UserAction=3 to run some executable commands to launch cleartools functions for "Check-Out", "Check-In", etc.

Now I am exploring the idea of use Atelier, but still tied to IBM Clear Case. By reading your comments it looks like I may have to go for the option to create a template/page to handle these actions or maybe wait for a possible migration to RTC Source control and the hope of some plug-in available to hook up with Atelier.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Atelier is Eclipse plugin, and I think you can find eclipse plugin for Clear Case as well, so, you will not need SourceControl class anymore.