Scott Beeson · Nov 18, 2016

Server closed communication device?

I get this on some queries in some namespaces.  For instance, this query:

SELECT TOP 10 SessionId, datediff(s,min(TimeCreated),max(TimeCreated)) as ResponseTime
FROM ens.messageheader
GROUP BY SessionId
ORDER BY ResponseTime DESC

It works fine in HSBUS but in HSREG it throws the error.

Server closed communication device

Does anyone know what would cause this? Would it log something more useful somewhere?

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Needs some more details.

You tagged post both ODBC and JDBC, but it is different. For ODBC as I know you can set logging in DSN settings. For JDBC, you can set it with JDBC connection URL

Then, how long this query usually takes. I see that you query just 10 rows, but anyway.

Also, you should look, at all levels logging cconsole.log and Application error logs, for any errors, at the same time.

Unfortunately, I don't know about the difference between HSBUS and HSREG, and can't say something useful about it.

Sorry, it is JDBC.

This is probably a 5 minute query, but the error happens pretty quick.

Where is cconsole.log located?

If I'm understanding that document correctly, that log is literally a console log.  Since I'm running this via JDBC it doesn't apply, does it?

Besides that, I can't find it.  I'm doing a full filesystem search for *.log right now.

cconsole.log, it is a server's main log, where logged start/stop and some crash errors. You have an error when communication was terminated from the server side, in this case, I may expect that process which worked on it was crashed unexpected, and it should be logged there.

Thanks for clarifying.  My search has 1 result for cconsole.log so far, in ./hs/mhc/TEST/docrep/mgr and it's dated today.  I might be on to something.

Did you mean to make this a comment, not an answer?