Jenna Poindexter · Dec 2, 2015

Sending Email through an Exchange Server

A client stated to me that they are trying to eliminate SMTP servers from their network and want all email to be sent through their Microsoft Exchange Server.  Admittedly I am not very knowledgable of the workings of Exchange Server.

Are there customers sending email notifications through Exchange Server?  How is this accomplished?  Does Exchange Server act as a SMTP server allowing use of the Email adapter or is there some other mechanism that must be used to communicate with a Microsoft Exchange Server?

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Well, in theory, Exchange is the IMAP superset. Thus if you know how to deal with mails via IMAP then you could work with Exchange server similarly.

Yes, the Exchange Server can act as a standard SMTP relay. The machines allowed to use it as a relay can be controlled on the server. From the machine that will be sending the emails, Telnet to the Exchange Server port 25 and you should get an initial response per the SMTP RFC.