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Send an HTML Email with an Image

The class method "test" in the following code snippet sends an HTML email with an embedded image. Edit the literal strings to change the embedded image, to address, from address, subject, and body of the email.

Class objectscript.sendEmailWithImage Extends %RegisteredObject
    classmethod test() {
        S SmtpServer = ""
        S SmtpUserName = ""
        S SmtpPassword = ""
        S imgPath="C:\test.jpg"
        set s=##class(%Net.SMTP).%New()
        set s.smtpserver=SmtpServer
        set auth=##class(%Net.Authenticator).%New() ; use default authentication list
        set auth.UserName=SmtpUserName
        set auth.Password=SmtpPassword
        set s.authenticator=auth
        Set objMail=##class(%Net.MailMessage).%New()
        Set objMail.From=""
        Do objMail.To.Insert("")
        Set objMail.Subject="Test-Email"
        Set objMail.Charset="iso-8859-1"
        Set obj1 =objMail
        Set obj1.IsHTML=1
        Set obj1.IsBinary = 0
        Set obj1.IsMultiPart = 1
        Set obj1.MultiPartType ="related"
        Do obj1.Headers.SetAt("inline","Content-Disposition")
        //alternative container for the text-parts
        #dim textbody as %Net.MailMessagePart
        s textbody = obj1.AttachNewMessage()
        s textbody.IsMultiPart=1
        s textbody.IsHTML=0
        s textbody.MultiPartType="alternative"
        //html part
        #dim text as %Net.MailMessagePart
        //text part
        #dim texttxt as %Net.MailMessagePart
        s texttxt = textbody.AttachNewMessage()
        //s texttxt.ContentType="text/plain"
        d texttxt.TextData.Write("this is plain text")
        s text = textbody.AttachNewMessage()
        s text.IsHTML=1
        s text.IsBinary=0
        s text.IsMultiPart=0
        Do text.TextData.Write("<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"">")
        do text.TextData.Write("<html><head><meta http-equiv=""content-type"" content=""text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"">")
        Do text.TextData.Write("</head><body text=""#000000"" bgcolor=""#ffffff"">")
        Do text.TextData.Write("Das ist ein Test in html")
        Do text.TextData.Write("<img src=""cid:test.jpg"" />")
        Do text.TextData.Write("</body></html>")
        // Image Message Part
        #dim obj2 as %Net.MailMessagePart
        Set obj2 = obj1.AttachNewMessage()
        Set obj2.IsBinary = 1
        Set obj2.IsMultiPart = 0
        Set obj2.FileName="test.jpg"
        Do obj2.BinaryData.LinkToFile(imgPath)
        Do obj2.Headers.SetAt("inline","Content-Disposition")
        Do obj2.Headers.SetAt("<test.jpg>","Content-ID")
        set status=s.Send(objMail)
        d $system.OBJ.DisplayError(status)
        w status,!

Here's a link to the code on GitHub:

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