William Glover · Dec 19, 2022

Running a classmethod from c# via Atelier API

I have been able to insert a class using the Atelier API called in c# but now want to run it from the same code.


Is there a way of calling a Cache class method from c# code?

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Using Atelier API, for such task looks a bit strange. Did you look at the documentation about what is available for direct use in .Net?

I have used the InterSystems.Data.IRISClient.ADO library fo .NET, but I also want the ability to call class methods in Ensemble and other earlier builds.

I assumed the API would be the best way as it allows me to inserts classes, but if it is not possible to call methods I would appreciate any other ways achieving this.

Atelier API is just for IDE, it's not supposed to call any custom call.

There is a way, that you could call SQL Proc, via SQL Query. But it is not what I would recommend