Lawrence Grace · Sep 12, 2019

Removing the standard COUNT measure

Is there any way to remove the Count measure from a pivot table or more importantly, a DeepSee widget.

Even if I do not add it as a measure in the Analyzer, the column "All" shows up.

Anyone have an idea on how to hide or remove it in a Dashboard Widget?



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Hi Lawrence!

But if you remove Count what number do you want to calculate? Do you have any other measure?

The nature of pivots is that you need at least one measure in a pivot. If you don't supply any DeepSee takes Count by default - the amount of Facts in your Fact table.

Thank you, Evgeny.

As for a replacement, I haven't given that any thought.

The answer is:

To remove the Count measure put any other measure of the cube into the Measures section of the Pivot.