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Regarding naming conventions for table names (class names) and column names (property names)

InterSystems FAQ rubric

For naming conventions, please check the respective document pages below.

About table name (class name): Identifier rules and guidelines - classes

About column names (property names): Identifier rules and guidelines - class members

As stated here, only alphanumeric characters and characters with Unicode code points larger than ASCII 128 can be used in column names (property names).

  • The name must begin with a letter, a Unicode code point greater than ASCII 128, or a percent sign (%).
  • The remaining characters must be alphabetic, letters or numbers with a Unicode code point greater than ASCII 128.

Also, as it says in the "Release 2012.2 or later" section

Property "My Property" As %String;

By surrounding it with ", you can use symbols that cannot be used.

Alternatively, you can specify only the SQL field name using only alphanumeric characters for the property name.

Property iscname As %String [ SqlFieldName = isc_name ];

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