Paul Martin · Jul 18, 2019


Hi, I am new to the forum (not new to Mumps, M, DTM, MSM, M-Technology, Cache etc.) and I work as an Operations Director for a Cache software house, is there somewhere I/we can advertise for Cache developer related jobs/vacancies that we have? Apologies if this is not the right approach, but don't see anything obvious and when searching for jobs just see Intersystems announcements for various positions.

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Also, Paul!

If you have any solutions on InterSystems Data Platforms you want to advertise you can leverage the power of Open Exchange and submit the applications as well as your company profile - Open Exchange will accumulate traffic to your web site and landing pages. 

See the examples of Company profiles and Dev tools on Open Exchange.

Hello @Evgeny Shvarov 

Hope you are doing good.

The video in my LinkedIn Profile is already posted in DC.



Ok Evgeny,

From next time I will post in GitHub.

My next video is in process currently.



Hi @Sourabh Sethi !

The LinkedIn page is nice! 

But I can advise for InterSystems Developer along with videos one of the best ways to highlight the skills for large audience is DC page with a set of articles with InterSystems experience (e.g. this one or that one) and OpenExchange page with a set of projects and solutions on InterSystems technologies like this, that or another one.