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Recompilation of routines after version upgrade

InterSystems FAQ rubric

There is no need to recompile the routines after the version upgrade, but since the version update overwrites %SYS, user-created INT and OBJ format routines (*.INT,*.OBJ) in %SYS will be deleted. Therefore, you need to be careful. 

MAC, INT and OBJ routines with the following names are not deleted.

%Z*.INT, %z*.INT, Z*.INT,z*.INT
%Z*.OBJ, %z*.OBJ, Z*.OBJ,z*.OBJ

Please note that classes/CSPs need to be compiled after upgrading.

However, if you are upgrading to a maintenance release, no compilation is required. For details, please refer to the document below.

Post-upgrade tasks for maintenance releases.

Caché/Ensemble: Post-Upgrade Tasks for Maintenance Releases

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