· Sep 13, 2021

RDP ODBC Connection Issue

Interesting issue we found. When making an ODBC connection from a host via RDP, the IP address shown as making the connection is the client IP address, not the host from where the connection initiated. Has anyone seen that or know how to get around it? 


My Computer(10.X.X.112) -> RDP to Host1(10.X.X.93) -> ODBC connection to Server1(10.X.X.12). Cache Portal -> System -> License Usage -> Usage by User shows My Computer's IP address as making the connection rather than Host1. 

This normally doesn't cause any issues. Occasionally we may have Host1 and several other RDP hosts connected to My Computer. Since all ODBC connections amongst the various hosts will use My Computer's IP address, Cache will deny connections once a certain number is reached. 

Any ideas?

Product version: Caché 2016.1
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