[Question] CSP Error

Hi ,

We upgraded cache 5.02 to cache 16.In this version it is having problem with "$$$" macros.

These are the error's eating my time. i tried to figure it out but there is no exact solution .

MPP5610 : Referenced macro not defined: 'CSPSessionTimeout'
MPP5610 : Referenced macro not defined: 'CacheError'

I checked the check list also "These macros will be the only ones displayed by StudioAssist when the sequence, “$$$”, is recognized during program input. The full set of macros and their definition can be displayed via the $SYSTEM.OBJ.ShowMacros method"

there is no definition for this(CSPSessionTimeout,CacheError) in there.
if any one knows definition please free to give solution.


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This appears to be a duplicate of this item:


The solution for how to lookup these error macros by wrapping them in $$$ERRORCODE is the correct approach. An alternative for the one error page you are having problems with is to manually include %occErrors.inc include file.

Thanks Mark,Can we include this inc file in %CSP.Error class?
if yes,how include?

Thanks Mark,We are used $$$ERRORCODE.
it's working fine.