Processes sitting in "Delivered" status

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So we are still fairly new to the ensemble app and getting set up. I have 3 seperate  batch record file services that pull in files and send to 3 seperate processes. there is no real rules other than an when condition=1 use this said DTL and send to operation. all 3 of these routers use different DTL's as they are seperate files but all go to the same operation. for some reason i am seeing the files sit in the Process and say  Delivered. 2 of the three process after up to 10-15 mins of sitting and the third gets an error i am very unfamiliar with, so this post is two-fold. 


1. Any ideas why files would "sit" in delivered state so long?

2. help with error:

ERROR <Ens>ErrBPTerminated: Terminating BP <REDACTED BP NAME># due to error: ERROR #5002: Cache error: <STORE>zdomGetNamespaces+51 ^EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document.1
> ERROR #5002: Cache error: <STORE>zdomGetNamespaces+51 ^EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document.1


Delivered means that the message has been pulled off the queue, but hasn't been fully processed yet. Usually, this is due to a problem somewhere in the processing logic or an unhandled error performed by the component in question causing the component to hang, die, or be stuck in a loop.

The <STORE> error means that the process has run out of allowed memory and failed out.

My guess would be that something is stuck in a loop that sets more and more variables until the <STORE> error is hit, failing out the process and leaving the message stuck in the delivered state. However, you may want to open up a case with the WRC for more detailed analysis, as that is primarily speculation based on the limited data available.