· Oct 19, 2017

Problem logging in to csp pages using LDAP authentication


I am getting the following error while logging in using LDAP authentication,

"An error occurred with the CSP application and has been logged to system error log (^ERRORS)". I've set the connection up and using Authentication Test  was successful. I seem to be able to login as well but keep getting that error. If I allows unauthenticated access then the page works but changing it to LDAP is not working.

The LDAP account once created in Cache has U access to the resource related with the web application.  

Also, when I check the ^ERRORS variable there is no data there. 


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There aren't enough details here for me to guess exactly what's going wrong, but I can suggest some debugging steps that might help make things clearer.

First, if you haven't already, enable auditing and the Protect,  Login and LoginFailure events.  Then try reproducing this and see whether any audit events were generated.  The data in these may make it clearer what's wrong.

Second, I'm not sure how you checked the ^ERRORS global, but if you haven't looked at the "application error log" in the portal (under System Operation > System Logs) I would recommend doing that.  That page lets you see all the namespaces with errors logged.