James Bourette · Mar 21, 2016

Problem after deleting class on the server

Version: 1.0.123

Cache for UNIX (Apple Mac OS X for x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 619U) Thu Mar 17 2016

After deleting a class on the server, Atelier still wants to believe it exists.  I even deleted the project and the server.  After re-creating them, it still believes the class exists.  I log in with studio and it shows the class has been removed.

If I attempt to open the class in the server explorer, I get a null pointer exception, but I can open any other class.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I created another server with everything the same except for the name, and it no longer shows the deleted class.  Something is cached somewhere that needs to get updated when the server is deleted (at a minimum).

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I saw this the other day (although not the NPE). I've been meaning to retest so that I can try something that Joyce pointed out the other day. There's an icon hidden at the far right of the Atelier Explorer (the leftmost tab in the left pane) that looks like two pieces of paper with a yellow triangle containing something that might be an exclamation point. This is supposed to be some kind of refresh button.

I could not recreate this error, so I need a few other details.

How did you delete the class from the server? Did you use the Server Explorer view?

When you deleted the file from the server, did you notice any errors in your Error Log view? You can also test if Atelier successfully deleted the file from its cache by navigating to your Atelier Explorer view, selecting the deleted file from your project, and verifying that the "server version" is blank.

When you say you deleted the server, do you mean the server instance or the server connection within Atelier?

If you create a new connection with a different name, do you still see the deleted class from the Server Explorer view when you expand the classes from the new connection?

Ultimately, you should report a bug with your error log so developers can pin point the cause. I suspect there's a problem with your cache.