· Sep 15, 2021

Open Exchange September 2021 Release

Here is a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange 

What's new?

  • Contest "Register" button;
  • Featured applications;
  • Profile completeness indication;
  • Email or Contact us link;
  • Claim company profile.

See the details below.

Contest "Register" button

Send your application for a contest just from the contest page:

1. Press "Register" button  

2. Choose an app you want to participate with

3. Members can access voting just from your app page


Featured applications

We've added a new section with highlighted apps.

If you want to get featured - request "Featured applications" placement in Ecosystem services tab of your profile. 
The option is availiable only for apps published on behalf of the company.


Profile fullness percentage

If you publish a company you will see how how complete is your profile

Ther will be a hint of what is missing, so you know what to do to make it 100% complete


Email or Contact us link

When publish your company you may choose what to show to the visitors - email or a link for a contact form for your website.

Claim company profile

We can create a company profile for you and then let you claim it.

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