· Jan 12, 2017

Open Atelier Class/Routine missing fullname option?

In Studio you can open class with typing / pasting full classname  Ctrl+O dialogs filenamebox.

 in Open Atelier  Class/Routine Dialog (Ctrl+Shift+T) you can't give full class name (package.class) and

when typing only   classname part it does not give you any hint about package of those classes it shows.

Its' a bit frustrating when we can have ( and we have)  lot of classess named similarily  in different packages

and we have lot of packages so the tree crawling is a bit slow.


Other (un)related  bug i noticed,  AtelierExplorer views <Link with editor > -button  does not work , it only selects 

the main node from view).  In Project Explorer  it seems to do the right thing, eg open the tree from the rigt position and selects the class that is open in your last used editor.


But so far I'm quite pleased with  how this looks.

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