Only seeing static (html) pages on local CSP applications

I have problem with Cache installed on a colleague's Windows 10 laptop.  On the laptop, Cache was automatically configured to use IIS and this has worked fine with csp applications configured in the Management Portal.

Now this seems to have stopped working, and I can't work out why.  In IIS, the web application seems to be in the correct place.

I have manually mapped the various file extensions to CSPms, as per the documentation, but any attempt to navigate to a csp page produces an 500 error, which tells me precisely nothing about why this is happening.

For example,

http://localhost/csp/myapp/login.csp -> 500 error




I have re-installed Cache, with the repair option in the hope that this would reset any mappings or config settings to do with IIS, but it, too, has achieved nothing.

I am not a webserver guru, and this is the first time I have mucked around with IIS in literally years.

Can anyone offer some insight in what might be wrong, or what I might attempt to fix this problem?



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There are quite a few different possible causes for this. A 500 error generally indicates a problem of IIS getting any data from the backend. This could be a permissions issue, or a network issue (among others). Without more information it's hard to tell. If you want to debug yourself, you should start by looking at the CSP Gateway logs (CSP.log), possibly increase the gateway log level (in the gateway management page). This will tell you where to go next.

Of you need a quicker solution it would probably help to contact the WRC (, they debug this kind of thing all the time and will be able to sort you out quickly.