Sehinde Raji · Dec 6, 2021

Node JS for InterSystems IRIS


I am currently running a docker image with Iris 2021.1 and I would like to install node js on to it. I have had a look at the instructions on the intersystems online learning portal and I must say its very confusing. Some of the documentation says that you can only install it on 2019. Other parts say that it doesn't matter and you can install it if you have a dev directory. I checked my dev directory and there it isn't there. Sadly this is very inconsistent. Does anyone know if it is possible to install on the above mentioned version of Iris ?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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The most important thing you have to understand first, that when you use containers-way for running your application (and Docker here is just one of the ways, to run containers). You have to remember, that container should be as simple as possible, and do just only one thing. So, it means, that your NodeJS application, should run in a separate container, even if it connects to IRIS, it still has to be run separately and connected to IRIS over TCP. 

So, you can use any official Debian-based NodeJS image, put InterSystems NodeJS driver in it, as well as your application, and run it. And your IRIS will run in a separate container, no matter which version.

Thank you very much for your advice it is very much appreciated smiley

Just as another option, I've recently published a project. Running in NodeJS, and connects to IRIS. It does not use an official driver and can be installed with npm (no readme, yet). Supports only SQL queries at the moment. You can look at this code, for example of usage. Just installing this package inside a Debian-based docker image with NodeJS, will be enough.