· Oct 22, 2019

New Videos! High Speed, Multi-Model Capabilities of InterSystems IRIS™

The Learning Services Online Learning team has posted new videos to help you learn the benefits of InterSystems IRIS. Take a peek to see what you stand to gain from making the switch to InterSystems IRIS!

Why Multi-Model?
Stefan Wittmann presents use cases for the multi-model data access of InterSystems IRIS data platform. He shows the multi-model architecture that allows you to use the data model that best fits each task in your application — relational, object, or even direct/native access — all accessible through the language of your choice.

The Speed and Power of InterSystems IRIS
InterSystems IRIS powers many of the world’s most powerful applications —  applications that require both speed and power for ingesting massive amounts of data, in real time, at scale. Learn about these features and more in this video!

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