Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 14, 2020

New Video: REST at Ease

Hi Developers,

The new video from Global Summit 2019 is available on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ REST at Ease


This video provides and overview of how to build REST APIs. Topics will include: using the %JSON adapter to expose and consume JSON data for REST endpoints, code-first and spec-first approaches for REST development, and a brief discussion of proper API management.

Takeaway: You will learn how to efficiently build, document, and manage REST APIs.

Presenter: @Michael Smart, Senior Support Specialist, InterSystems 

If you would like to explore a wider range of topics related to this video, please use the Resource Guide below:

➡️ Interoperability Resource Guide - 2019

Enjoy and stay tuned! 👍🏼

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