Anastasia Dyubaylo · Apr 17, 2020

New Video: Real World NLP Use Cases

Hi Community!

The new video from Global Summit 2019 is already on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Real World NLP Use Cases


Natural Language Procession (NLP) is becoming an increasingly important technology for healthcare applications. This video provides some examples of the work we, along with industry partners, are doing to leverage InterSystems IRIS NLP and other technologies to automate the process of finding recruits for clinical trials and to improve patient outcomes.

Takeaway: InterSystems IRIS NLP, along with open-source tools such as Spark and R, provides a great toolset for developing sophisticated solutions for healthcare.

🗣 @Thomas Dyar, Product Specialist - Machine Learning, InterSystems 
🗣 @Qi Li, Physician Executive, InterSystems 
🗣 William Myers, Director, HIE, Vibra Healthcare 

Additional materials to this video you can find in this InterSystems Online Learning Course.

Stay tuned! 👍🏼

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