Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 14, 2019

New Video: Rapid Intelligent Application Development

Hi Community,

Please welcome the new Global Summit 2019 video on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

⏯ Rapid Intelligent Application Development


Intelligent applications use insights derived from data they collect to refine and improve their operations. There is a new landscape of intelligent services that shorten the development time of intelligent applications by relying more on integration and interoperability, and less on writing custom code. This video provides an overview of that landscape and gives concrete examples of building intelligent applications using InterSystems IRIS. 

Takeaway: InterSystems IRIS Interoperability enables the rapid creation of intelligent applications.
Presenter: @Thomas Dyar, Product Specialist, InterSystems

Additional materials to this video you can find in this InterSystems Online Learning Course.


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Enjoy watching the video! 👍🏼

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