· Sep 4, 2020

New Video: Personas - Your Teams Quiet Partners

Hi Developers,

Please welcome the last video from Global Summit 2019 on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Personas: Your Teams Quiet Partners


Products are better when they are built with a user's goals in mind. But how do you know your users? What are the users' goals? Personas are research-based fictional characters who represent groups of users. These representations of your users can help you keep your project focused and on track. In this video, we will explain how personas are useful and how you can create them.

Takeaway: Personas will help me be mindful of the people who will use the tools I'm building.

Presenter: Paul Kouyoumjian, User Experience Manager, InterSystems

If you would like to explore a wider range of topics related to this video, please use the Resource Guide below:

➡️ Roadmaps (Ours and Yours) Resource Guide - 2019

Enjoy watching and stay tuned! 👍🏼

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