Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 17, 2020

New Video: OCR Service for InterSystems IRIS

Hi Community,

Please welcome the new video, specially recorded by @Yuri Marx for the InterSystems Interoperability contest

⏯ OCR Service for InterSystems IRIS

This video details how to develop OCR using InterSystems IRIS using Tesseract and Java. This is an InterSystems IRIS Interoperability OCR Service to extract text from images and pdfs from a file into a multipart request from form or HTTP request.

⬇️  OCR Service on Open Exchange

➡️ Learn more: Using Tesseract OCR and Java Gateway

For any questions, please write to @Yuri Marx at or in the Direct Messages on DC. 

And don't forget to vote for this project in the InterSystems Interoperability Contest! 🔥

Stay tuned! 

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Hi community, Tesseract is the best tool open source to extract text from pdf and images. Now, it is possible use this fantastic ocr engine from google into IRIS. See in the video.