Anastasia Dyubaylo · May 19, 2020

New Video: Leveraging Containers for DevOps

Hi Community,

The new video from Global Summit 2019 is already on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Leveraging Containers for DevOps


This video provides a practical example of how awinta uses containers to enable their DevOps and SecOps pipelines. Moving to a containerized, automated model has enabled awinta to focus on developing great software instead of synchronizing multiple geographically separated development teams.

Takeaway: Containers enable the continuous delivery of applications.

🗣 @Michael Braam, Senior Sales Engineer, InterSystems
🗣 @Ralf Spielmann, awinta GmbH 
🗣 Dr. Marko Woelki, awinta GmbH

Additional materials to this video you can find in this InterSystems Online Learning Course.

Enjoy watching this video! 👍🏼

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