· Sep 8, 2021

"New" Tool for Intersystems IRIS

Dear ladies and gentlemen, in the last month I've improved my Tool Caché Monitor... but first: the name

The name Caché Monitor was chosen to reflect the close integration of the tool with the Caché database. The established name Intersystems Caché will likely be completely replaced by InterSystems IRIS Data Platform in the foreseeable future I think. So a rebranding step became necessary. In order to be less closely tied to a product name in the future, a new name has been chosen to be more neutral: SQL Data Lens

Regardless of the name, it is still the goal to implement the closest possible integration into the Intersystems products. The ongoing development is also reflected in the continuation of the release numbers: The last version is Caché Monitor 2.96, the next version is SQL Data Lens 3.0.

But it is not only a renaming, but also many new features have been integrated, e.g:

  • One big step is that SQL Data Lens is now based on the Java Runtime Environment 11, with that it was possilbe to improve the HiDPI support. The system scale factor is configured on the OS level, per-monitor DPI is supported!
  • But also a new and modern Flat Look and Feel is integrated, in light and dark mode.
  • SQL DataLens ist shipped with a minimized private JRE (based on JetBrains JDK 11)
  • ... and many more

Please feel free to download and test SQL Data Lens without any registration from:

I look forward to your experiences, suggestions and ideas these are very welcome.  

Thanks for your attention!


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