· Aug 5, 2022

New Rubric "InterSystems Memes"

Hi Community!

While we're on a roll with new ideas for the Developer Community, we decided to also give the credit where the credit is due (meaning you, our dearest members), and share your creativity and imagination with others.

We're going to introduce a new rubric "InterSystems Memes"! 😜

A month ago we launched a challenge on Global Masters where we asked you to post memes that make you smile. We had a lot of fun seeing all the entries so we decided to share this merriment with all DC members! 

We'll be posting your memes in special fun announcements on DC soon. Stay tuned! 😝

Have an idea for a new meme related to ISC technology? Don't hesitate to share the memes in the comments to this post as well.

We're going to restart the challenge and every month we will choose the best memes and publish them here, on Developer Community, so that every member has a good laugh ;)

Join the fun as an author of the memes, or as a reader!

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