Janine Perkins · May 24, 2017

New InterSystems Online Course: Health Insight Data Flow

Take this  course to learn how data flows from HealthShare Information Exchange to Health Insight, along with the details of that data flow.

Learn how to : 

- Relate a clinical scenario supported by Health Insight to its internal data structures and processes.

- Identify the main data management components of HealthShare Information Exchange and Health Insight.

- Describe the details of the data flow between HealthShare Information Exchange and Health Insight.

- Differentiate between HL7 and CCD data handling in HealthShare Information Exchange.

- Recognize configuration points in the system and how they affect system performance.

- Define the HealthShare Information Exchange internal data structures and how they are used.

Audience:  HealthShare Customers. This course is for anyone who customizes or supports Health Insight, as well as power users of Health Insight who need an understanding of its technical details.

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