"My points" page - browser/tab title displays the wrong name

DC Feedback

A few other people (one person who pointed it out, then everyone else I asked to confirm) noted that https://community.intersystems.com/myuserpoints shows "Points for Timothy Leavitt" in the browser/tab title. The page itself shows these users' actual names rather than mine.

This makes me worry that other parts of the site could confuse users' identities too.

The problem is specific to that URL/alias, reached by the "View points transactions" link on the main user page. On the "Points" tab (https://community.intersystems.com/user/<uid>/points), I've been told that the title is correct.


Confirmed - I see Tim's name in the tab title in Chrome when I go to that page (but I see my own points)

I'm curious how this one even happened, it's especially confusing since Timothy is the one that is reporting it!