Oliver Wilms · Dec 1, 2022 1m read

My First FHIR app

I participated in InterSystems Women’s Health FHIR contest, because I loved the challenge to learn a new-to-me technology. I wanted to develop an app that receives data from a mobile device like my Fitbit or a Smart Watch. I did not get access to such data except when I downloaded a spreadsheet (CSV file) showing my daily steps and sleep data. I saw in iris-fhir-template it imported some patient data to a FHIR server. I figured out how to use a Data Transformation to transform a record from a delimited file into FHIR data which I could store into the FHIR server.

You can see an online demo of my first FHIR app here:

Please check out InterSystems IRIS for Health Contest: FHIR for Women's Health

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