· Dec 1, 2022 1m read

My First FHIR app

I participated in InterSystems Women’s Health FHIR contest, because I loved the challenge to learn a new-to-me technology. I wanted to develop an app that receives data from a mobile device like my Fitbit or a Smart Watch. I did not get access to such data except when I downloaded a spreadsheet (CSV file) showing my daily steps and sleep data. I saw in iris-fhir-template it imported some patient data to a FHIR server. I figured out how to use a Data Transformation to transform a record from a delimited file into FHIR data which I could store into the FHIR server.

You can see an online demo of my first FHIR app here:

Please check out InterSystems IRIS for Health Contest: FHIR for Women's Health

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Taking on the challenge of learning a new technology is always exciting, especially when it involves developing an app that integrates data from devices like Fitbit or Smart Watches. It's impressive how you found a solution to work with the CSV file data, using Data Transformation to convert it into FHIR data for storage on the server. Keep up the great work and continue exploring new possibilities in the tech world!