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MTConnect ObjectScript Implementation


In today's fast-paced and highly competitive manufacturing industry,
efficient machine communication and data exchange is essential to maximize
productivity and minimize downtime. That's where MTConnect comes in.
MTConnect is an open, royalty-free standard that provides a common language
for communication between machines, devices, and software applications in a
manufacturing environment.

The MTConnect technology consists of a set of XML schemas and protocols that
define the structure and format of the data to be transmitted, as well as
the rules for communication between the sender and the receiver. The data
transmitted using MTConnect includes information about the status,
performance, and utilization of manufacturing equipment, as well as
information about the production process itself.

The data is collected from manufacturing equipment using agents, which are
software programs installed on the equipment or in a nearby network. The
agents collect and format the data according to the MTConnect standard, and
then transmit it to a server or other software application.

This is where MTConnect-ObjectScript comes in. MTConnect-ObjectScript is a
set of InterSystems ObjectScript classes that provide a simple, easy-to-use
interface for collecting and processing MTConnect data from the agent and
store them in the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform.

Once you received the MTConnect data from the agent (for example over a REST
API), you can pass it to the MTConnect-ObjectScript Business Operation and
it will parse the data into ObjectScript structure. The
MTConnect-ObjectScript Business Operation will also generate MTConnect data
type classes based on the MTConnect schema. Once the structure is created,
the Operation will populate the data into the class.

Here is a sample of the generated class based on the MTConnect probe and
current file:

Class MTConnect.ExampleProduction.BuiltClasses.MFMS10MC1IDExample Extends %Persistent

Property Sovr As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ROTARYVELOCITYOVERRIDE;

Property af As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ANGULARVELOCITY;

Property al As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.LOAD;

Property aposm As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ANGLE;

Property atime As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ACCUMULATEDTIME;

Property avail As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.AVAILABILITY;

Property cf As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ANGULARVELOCITY;

Property cf2 As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ANGULARVELOCITY;

Property cl As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.LOAD;

Property cooltemp As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.TEMPERATURE;

Property cs As MTConnect.ExampleProduction.DataTypes.ROTARYVELOCITY;



For more information about MTConnect-ObjectScript, please visit the
GitHub repository.

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