· May 9, 2020

Move Cache temp folder to a ram drive?

Howdy everyone,
I am not a Cache Pro... Just an old hack with an idea to try to help my client.

We are running a medium sized salvage yard with Car-Part's Checkmate vehicle inventory software running Cache. Our part lookups sometimes run 10 seconds or more.

To improve database queries performance I created a 4Gb ram drive out of 16Gb system ram with AMD Radeon RAMDisk utility and have it set to save and auto load its contents upon graceful reboot. Battery backup is also running. We are running SSD drives. I think our part lookups might run faster if the Cache "temp" dir is changed to the ram drive. If there is a forced reboot or if the ram drive fails to start will Cache default to its default "Temp" setting at startup? Also if not, will it start enough for me to change it back to the default setting or will it fail to start?

I use ram drives successfully on other systems but am not familiar enough to tinker with Cache.

We are running:

Version: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2012.2.2 (Build 801) Fri Dec 7 2012 12:08:23 EST
Configuration: C:\cachesys\cache.cpf
Database Cache (MB): 11450
Routine Cache (MB): 59
Journal file: c:\cachesys\mgr\journal\20200509.003
Superserver Port: 1972
Web Server Port: 8972
License Server Address/Port: /
Licensed to: Y#4898 Blountville Auto Salvage
Cluster support: This system is not part of a cluster
Mirror support: This system is not a mirror member
Time System Started: 2020-05-09 10:10:36
Encryption Key Identifier: Not available. Encryption is not activated.
NLS Locale: ENU8Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2012.2.2 (Build 801) Fri Dec 7 2012 12:08:23 EST

Thank You,
Curtis Walter

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You will benefit much more directly by letting your instance have that extra memory directly and not via that added extra step of creating that virtual drive. Give your instance more global buffers. Also from the sounds of it you might want to look at your queries and associated query plans in a bit more detail. You should get in touch with the WRC for that, they're great at sorting out why queries run slow ( you might want to reach out to car-part first, maybe they've fixed some of the queries)