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Monitoring InterSystems IRIS environments with Red Hat Insights

InterSystems worked closely with the Red Hat Insights team to implement a curated set of recommendations for system administrators to ensure the best experience running InterSystems IRIS on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Included with all RHEL subscriptions, the Insights service proactively identifies potential issues with monitored platforms and applications running on RHEL. Through our joint collaboration, Insights now watches for common scenarios that decrease the performance of IRIS in most cases and offers an InterSystems-approved recommendation for consideration.  

Ten recommendations are currently implemented and can be found under the “InterSystems” topic within the Insights Advisor service.  Advisor recommendations help in areas including:

  1. Performance Tuning Guidance. We provide best practices for configuring HugePages, Transparent HugePages (THP), swappiness, shmmax kernel parameters, and more.
  2. Product Compatibility. Insights highlights which versions of InterSystems products are encouraged to be used to provide the best experience.
  3. Journaling and High-availability Configuration Suggestions, like Write Image Journaling (WIJ) drive mapping, identifying an arbiter to support automatic failure, or enabling FreezeOnError for better integrity and recoverability of InterSystems IRIS database.

Every recommendation contains details about the detected RHEL version, InterSystems IRIS instance information, and system-specific step-by-step instructions to remediate the detected issue.  Links to the InterSystems documentation are also provided for further reference.

Enable Insights with InterSystems today.

Registering your systems with Red Hat Insights is very straightforward and typically requires only a single command to be executed. Alternatively, the Red Hat registration assistant application can be used to complete the necessary steps based on your setup. Analysis of InterSystems IRIS workloads does not require additional steps and is enabled once systems are registered with Insights. Specific recommendations can easily be turned off if they are not applicable to your environment.  

Head to Red Hat Insights to learn more about the service and get started with the registration assistant.

Talk with Red Hat experts at InterSystems Global Summit 2024.

Red Hat will be exhibiting at InterSystems Global Summit June 9-12 and available to discuss Insights and other Red Hat capabilities.

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