· Jan 5, 2021 1m read

Mock REST API or SOAP services on the Internet

Hi Community,

The ( is an online service to deploy REST API or SOAP services in seconds. This is useful to test the consumption of an API or SOAP service in your production or objectscript class without having to implement a real service, including https option.

It's very simple procedure, see:

  1. Access to;
  2. Click Try Now button;
  3. Can you import a swagger file or create an new service;
  4. Will be created a domain to you group your mock APIs;
  5. Click +REST MOCK;
  6. Many options will be available to you, see the sample to return a "Hello world":

7. Save your configuration and click in your domain.

8. Start your new API, see:

9. Click in the link in the name column.

10. Now you see your endpoint to consume:

11. Enjoy!

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