Evgeny Shvarov · Jun 9, 2017

Meet InterSystems Developer Community Telegram!

Hi, Community!

We are introducing Telegram Channel  for Developer Community most interesting articles, discussions, events and announcements! 

If you already use this messenger, join the DC Channel so you can easily follow what's new on Developer Community.

See how it looks:

Join! yes

The permalink to join Telegram can be found also on the right of every DC page:



And... may I ask you introduce your ideas on Developer Community Telegram bot?

Please share it below? 

Thank you in advance!




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Why do I have to join Telegram to see the data on Atelier?

I thought joining the Community was enough?

HI, Mike!

You don't have to. DC Telegram Channel is introduced for those who loves Telegram  mobile app as a way to communicate.

It is yet another channel to deliver DC content which is already posted on DC or DC YouTube.

But, we plan to introduce DC bot which can be interesting and unique for DC Telegram Channel.