· Nov 18, 2021

Meet Duan Haihua – our new Chinese Developer Community Moderator!

Hey everyone,

We're pleased to welcome @Duan Haihua as our new Chinese Moderator in the Developer Community Team!

Let's greet Duan Haihua with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

Duan Haihua works as Deputy Director of Profit Center of Mediway.

Some words from @Duan Haihua:

– I presided over the development and maintenance of Health Information Connectivity Maturity Evaluation (HICME) tools, participated in the HICME examine and appraise of many hospitals. I have a deep understanding on Health Information Connectivity Maturity Evaluation standards, also have development experience on ESB. I have rich experience on InterSystems products, and related projects.  

– Through Developer Community, I hope to help new developers to understand HICME standards quickly, share solutions on common problems during evaluation process, and provide reference opinions for system compliance transformation.

Warm welcome!

Thank you and congratulations, @Duan Haihua! Hope you will be a great Moderator 👏🏼

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